FibSwap: A Look Back on 2021

3 min readFeb 4, 2022

The FibSwap Dex has had the most eventful year in 2021. The dex has gone through many peaks and troughs, it is a good opportunity to look back on the year of 2021, and what the team and community has achieved.

While the road ahead for FibSwap is long, and the team is constantly working on adding new utilities to the ecosystem and becoming the go-to multichain DEX, it is essential to celebrate the milestones the project has reached so far. 2021 was an excellent year for FibSwap with several launches, partnerships, and community growth.

Project Launch

FibSWAP was launched in July 2021 as a revolutionary DEX with an aim to revolutionize the DeFi space by making it more straightforward and rewarding for all users. The project began its journey by facilitating trading of ERC 20 tokens for BSC token and has grown tremendously since. It is also a functional DEX that allows for purchasing and selling on 7 different chains like Etherem, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, and more.

Price Highlights

The native token $FIBO is the governance token for the DEX and is used for payment of all fees and internal accounting. The token is used to swap between different chains, which decreases its supply and increases the price.

The token started with a price of $0.00012 and is currently trading at $0.002309 with a market cap of $10,562,385(fully diluted market cap is $23,583,415). Being a governance token, $FIBO has come a long way in the past few months and will continue to grow as the supply is decreased on every transaction of FibSWAP DEX.

Partnership Highlights

Partnerships and collaborations with promising crypto projects are an essential part of the development and roadmap of FibSWAP. In the past few months, FibSWAP has developed several profitable partnerships, such as:

  • Luna PR

FibSWAP partnered with Luna PR, an award-winning digital marketing and PR agency, to put forward the best foot while developing.

  • Cryptalk

Cryptalk is a messenger designed to protect cryptocurrency users and has helped FibSWAP in several capacities.

  • Clover Finance

Clover Finance is a substrate-based smart contract platform that has developed scaling dApps in the multichain universe.

Community Growth

FibSWAP has one of the most active communities in the crypto space and has been extremely helpful in the development of the project. FibSWAP has over 10,000 active Telegram members and over 12,500 followers on Twitter.

Phone app

One of the greatest launches and achievements for FibSWAP till now has been the launch of the official DEX app for Android and iOS devices. Using the app, users can trade, stake, farm, and several other features. The app simplifies the process of swapping ETH, BNB, and other large-cap tokens and HODLing them in their wallets.

Users can stake $FIBO token on the native staking pool to earn attractive returns as an added advantage.

Looking Ahead

The market is hungry for a solution like the FibSwap dex. Every day, the trust for centralized exchanges reduces. And with more regulation, tax implications and monitoring done by governments and monitary policy makers, people from developed nations like the USA will use DEXEs more as a solution. Rather than an alternative.

Furthermore, in developing nations, where there is no reliable monetary system put in place, people will move towards decentralized solutions like FibSwap to actually carry out their day to day lives.

FibSwap is gearing itself towards capitalizing every single one of these growing opportunities by providing the best products and services on the market. With the new update, phone applications, partners coming in, and so much more, FibSwap still has room and years to grow.

About FibSWAP

The FibSWAP has developed a new type of DEX, Interoperable Multi-chain Bridge System (IMBS), that utilizes FibSWAP’s Smart Algorithm to streamline cross-chain token swaps. Users can use the bridge to swap tokens from one chain to another in a seamless and instant transaction. Moreover, the DEX has the lowest fees on the market paired with the unique lowest fee swap aggregator.

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FibSwap - A New Type of DEX where you can swap and ERC20 token with a BEP20 Token with the click of a button.