New Listings on FibSwap

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


The rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency has led to the progression of over 17,000 digital tokens in the ecosystem today. This growth, while essential for the existence of digital currencies, has forced projects to step up their game and offer better and unique services to the users.

The crypto space has become more competitive, making it crucial for projects to leverage the best tools in the market. One project that is prospering in digital currencies is FibSwap.

FibSwap is a multi-chain, decentralized exchange that allows users to swap tokens from one chain to tokens on another chain with just one click of a button. This feature of FibSwap, when paired with its Interoperable Multi-chain Bridge System (IMBS), has placed the project on the leading board. More and more projects and tokens are listing their tokens on FibSwap with the latest addition of $ZARD and $CRYP.

The Latest Listings on FibSwap

FibSwap DEX is an IMBS DEX that utilizes the FibSwap Smart Algorithm. The DEX’s ability to facilitate cross-chain token swapping has helped FibSwap to establish a robust foothold in the industry.

Recently FibSwap listed a $ZARD token from FireZard, the first instant reward trading game. FireZard is focused on swiftly rewarding individuals, while also offering a spectacular gaming experience utilizing blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It is a Play-to-Earn ecosystem with the $ZARD token at the center of the ecosystem.

Apart from the $ZARD token, FibSwap also recently listed the $CRYP token from CrypTalk, a messaging service designed to connect verified projects and investors. CrypTalk is a secure app built by skilled individuals in the crypto space, ensuring that projects are verified and SAFU by professional auditors.

The rapidly expanding popularity of FibSwap will help the project to facilitate cross-chain swaps while ensuring the privacy and security of all users. As the DEX evolves, FibSwap will scale its services and offer more utility to its users by enabling the lowest fees in the market leveraging its unique lowest fee swap aggregator.

About FibSWAP

FibSwap has developed a new type of DEX, Interoperable Multi-chain Bridge System (IMBS), that utilizes FibSWAP’s Smart Algorithm to streamline cross-chain token swaps. Users can use the bridge to swap tokens from one chain to another in a seamless and instant transaction. The DEX has the lowest fees on the market paired with the unique lowest fee swap aggregator.

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FibSwap - A New Type of DEX where you can swap and ERC20 token with a BEP20 Token with the click of a button.